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Natur Candle Giftset

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  • CANDLE SET 3 beautiful 55 gram (1.94 Oz) candles; BURN TIME 3 x 16+ hours.
  • A triptych of nature fragrances reflecting Scandinavia's vast landscapes, raw seasons and abundance of water: FJORD, notes of woods and ripening orchards, wild berries, blackcurrants and raspberry flowers; Ö, the fragrant green embrace of dog-rose and crabapples; HAV, Infused with notes of water flora, driftwood, sea froth and fresh air..
  • DANISH DESIGN Contemporary coloured and printed glass bottle compliments the beauty of its home and any decor; Made in France.
  • PURE Made with premium blend of perfume, soft and highly pure vegetable wax to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion..
  • 100% cotton wick.