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Nordic Moods Book

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  • A visually powerful and practical book for creating the perfect Nordic-inspired home
  • A complete primer for decorating your home in the Nordic style, based on Scandinavian mood boards and examples
  • The author is a well-known Scandinavian designer and TV personality
"A good starting point in designing beautifully, is to adapt to your surrounding architecture and nature - the materials and colors and decorate with your own personal style. Truly knowing your own style is tantamount to interior designing with that ever-important personal touch. And finding your own individual style can be a difficult and confusing journey," - Katrine Martensen-Larsen.

The (New) Nordic Style is here to stay. The use of rich Scandinavian materials, pure colours, and a distinctive graphic style turn out to be timeless. Yet many people who are looking to create the Scandinavian look at home do not find it easy to match these common elements of Nordic style. Step by step and using different mood boards, themes, materials, light, furniture and floor coverings, Katrine Martense-Larsen explains how to create your own ideal Scandinavian interior.