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Single Beaded Ring Earring Gold

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The Single Beaded Ring Earring Goldplated is handmade using 925 sterling silver with 1 micron layer 14K gold, beads and one seed-pearl. Inspired by the cultural movement called Surrealism, where nothing is quite what it seems, we have painted illogical scenes making unusual, yet beautiful jewellery from everyday objects. Step into a world of hopes and dreams, where the ordinary meets the absurd and catch a dozen eyes with the Surreal World collection. Still looking for a cute ring earring with a lot of summer colours? Then get yourself this colourful earring with all kinds of crazy bright colours. 

  • 925 sterling silver with 1 micron layer 14K
  • Sold as a single earring
  • Length charm: 20 mm
  • Diameter ring: 10 mm
  • With beads + seed-pearl
  • Handmade