COAT - Climate Positive Paint

COAT - Climate Positive Paint

Paint, just better... just pick your colour and finish and it'll be delivered to our store in 2 to 3 days.

When did paint get so complicated? Endless trips to DIY stores, complex choices and environmentally damaging products left us frustrated. So the team at COAT changed the game.

"Paint is really just a recipe, but not all paint is created equal. High quality paint means depth, coverage and a smooth finish that makes life easier. so we formulated the only 3 products you’ll ever need for inside your home, using all the right ingredients. It’s not that complex, it’s just great paint. And, all our paint is finished fresh to order, by hand, the same day".

Oh, and forget messy tester pots. Our hand-painted peel-and-stick swatches are 100% accurate, and go straight on the wall. No fuss. No mess. Move them about and see your colour in different lights. Thank us later.

From their eco-formulations and recycled packaging, to sustainable logistics, operations and eco-accessories COAT are proud to say they’re carbon offset too, supporting UN Gold projects, and B Corp certified.

"We make our paints using high-calibre raw materials. That means quality pigments, lots of good resin, and high-grade titanium dioxide. That’s what makes a good paint. There’s no rubbish or fillers that give you a tin of dishwater, or a lump of custard".

COAT only uses Grade-A ingredients. That means you get great coverage (fewer coats), velvet-smooth application, rich colour, and finish that lasts - even if you need to clean it. Their water-based recipe is low VOC (toxin) and odour, so it’s safe for your home and you can use the space straight away.

Obviously COAT isn’t tested on animals, and it’s Vegan too.