Enjoy 0% interest with Pebble Finance

Did you know you can spread the cost of any Pebble purchase* (including furniture orders) with 12 months’ interest free finance** (or longer) and, in most cases, approval is within 3 working days.

It's really simple - we'll always need a minimum of a 25% deposit (of the total purchase price) as an initial first payment but the rest can be broken down into easy and more manageable monthly payments to suit you.

Simply visit us in store or email at home@ilovepebble.com and ask us about financing options. We can offer finance over 12, 18 or 24 months, and perhaps longer if needed. We will help you build your order and then, once we've completed some forms and you've shown us some documents, we'll sort the rest.

The items we have in stock will be available immediately or delivered to you at our next available time slot, and then when the rest arrives we'll deliver that too!

For details about the application process, including the information we need from you, please read through the FAQ section below. If you have any questions please email us. In order to offer financing we will need to carry out a credit check. By applying for finance you agree to us providing your details to a 3rd party agent for such purposes. We will hold and process your data in accordance with our Data Policy (which can also be found on our website). Our application process is via an electronic form but this can be printed if you'd prefer.

And that's it!

Just email us at home@ilovepebble.com and we’ll start the ball rolling.

*Professional Services and fees are not available for interest free payment options and accounts must be settled in full in accordance with the terms of invoice.

**12 months finance is available at 0%. Financing beyond 12 months is subject to a small interest payment on the total value of the arrangement of 3%. This sum is added to the entire loan at the start of the agreement.


What might my monthly repayments be?

As an example, this table gives an indication as to what your repayments might be based on spend you wish to make and the time you would like to pay.

Total Sale Price

25% deposit required

12 monthly payments

Total paid at the end of 12 months

18 monthly payments (includes 3% interest)

Total paid at the end of 18 months

24 monthly payments (includes 3% interest)

Total paid at the end of 24 months





 £       43.33

 £      1,030

 £       32.50

 £      1,030





 £     108.33

 £      2,575

 £       81.25

 £      2,575





 £     216.67

 £      5,150

 £     162.50

 £      5,150





 £     325.00

 £      7,725

 £     243.75

 £      7,725





 £     433.33

 £    10,300

 £     325.00

 £    10,300





 £     650.00

 £    15,450

 £     487.50

 £    15,450





 £     866.67

 £    20,600

 £     650.00

 £    20,600





 £  1,083.33

 £    25,750

 £     812.50

 £    25,750


For periods longer than 12 months, we will apply 3% interest on the total sale price. This is calculated by adding 3% to the sale price, taking the deposit payment away and then dividing by the repayment period. This way, you can work out your own repayment amounts once you know the total sale price.

For example, a total sale price of £3,000 would require a 25% deposit of £750, leaving an outstanding balance of £2,250. If this is to be repaid over 12 months then the calculation is £2,250 divided by 12, as no interest is applied, making 12 monthly payments of £187.50.

If the same amount were to be repaid over 18 months, then the calculation is £3,000 plus 3% making £3,090. A 25% deposit on £3,000 is still required of £750 and so the calculation is £3,090 minus £750, leaving remaining balance of £2,340. This then leaves 18 monthly payments of £130.00.

If the same amount were to be repaid over 24 months, then the calculation is £3,000 plus 3% making £3,090. A 25% deposit on £3,000 is still required of £750 and so the calculation is £3,090 minus £750, leaving remaining balance of £2,340. This then leaves 24 monthly payments of £97.50.

Am I eligible to apply?

For us to consider your application, you need to:

  • be 21 years or over*
  • have been a UK or Channel Island resident for a minimum of 2 years to have built up sufficient searchable credit history
  • have a valid email address and mobile phone number
  • have an annual income of £30,000 or more*
  • have a UK or Channel Island bank account from which you can make regular payments
  • have valid forms of identification and proof or employment and address, as set out in more detail below.

*We will enter into finance agreements with those under 21 years of age but may ask for a guarantor.

**Whilst the application will be in one person’s name, we will take into consideration joint income if married/living with a partner/in civil partnership if you ask us to. If we are to consider this income, we will ask you to provide the other persons name and details for the purpose of additional credit checking. Acceptable forms of income are employment salary, self-employed salary, dividends, pension, employment or supported living allowances.

What documentation and information do I need to provide?

As part of the application process we will need the following information – its pretty standard stuff these days...

  • Some formal identification – we are only able to accept a valid Passport, a valid Driving Licence or proof of ID via the Yoti App.
  • We’ll need to you declare your salary level to us to help us make an informed decision about your ability to fund credit.
  • Proof of your current address – we are only able to accept a Bank Statement, a Utility Bill from a Jersey provider or official correspondence from the Government of Jersey, such as a tax bill/invoice or statement (all from within the last 3 months) – we cant accept Tenancy Agreements, letters from third parties stating your address or other personal correspondence.
  • If you’ve lived at your current address for less than 3 years (or 36 months) we’ll also need to know your previous addresses for the purposes of credit checks.
  • We’ll need your bank account number and sort code, and we’ll also need to hold credit or debit card details (long card number, expiry date and security code).
  • We may ask you to provide proof of your employment – your employer (HR department) will often be able to provide you with a short letter confirming that you are in employment, and the nature of that employment.

Who do the goods belong to during the payment period?

Whilst they will be delivered to you at home for your use and enjoyment, until the final payment is made and received, the goods remain the property of Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd.

Will there be any credit checks?

Yes, we work with an approved credit checking company who carry out credit checks on our behalf. By completing the application form and submitting it to us means that you agree to us carrying out such credit checking. We will hold your information securely and in accordance with our ‘Privacy Policy’ which can be found at the bottom of our website.

We will let you know the outcome of any credit checks. Failure of a credit check doesn’t necessarily mean than credit won’t be offered by us and we will contact you to discuss options. Such options may include asking you to provide more information, a guarantor, a larger deposit or altering the terms of the loan arrangement.

What do I need to know about repayments?

We'll ask you to set up a standing order to us for the monthly amount agreed. Provided this payment is received each month, there will be no added interest. We will also ask you for debit or credit card details to help secure our loan and if the standing order payment is not received on the agreed date (allowing for weekends and bank holidays) we will process the transaction using the debit or credit card provided but with a 10% surcharge. It is for you to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to make such payments as required.

Where a payment period is to last longer than 12 months (1 year), 3% interest on the total value of the loan will be applied across the entire loan repayment period.

We are unable to accept post-dated cheques as part of the payment process.

If you think you are going to miss a monthly payment you must contact us to discuss immediately. 

How do I manage my Credit Agreement?

You can ask us for a statement at any time and we'll tell you what you've paid and what is left to pay. We will aim to come back to you within 48 hours on such requests. You are required to maintain the standing order arrangement until the entire balance is paid. Any non-payment will result in a referral to a Debt Collection company where will will pursue all outstanding sums owed and our costs.

You can make additional payments or pay off your agreement early. There will be no early settlement fees, but if interest has been applied due to the term of the loan being longer than 12 months, the total balance of the loan (including that interest) will be repayable even if the loan is cleared early and within 12 months.

What happens if I miss a payment or know that I won’t be able to make a payment?

Please contact us immediately and we’ll discuss some options with you. If you miss a payment we will ask you to make payment as soon as you can to maintain the terms of our agreement. If this doesn’t happen within a reasonable period, we may ask you to settle your outstanding balance and we’ll bring the agreement to a close.

If you know that you wont be able to make a payment, or your circumstances change mid-way through the agreement, please contact us to discuss options. Early communication with us is really important to avoid things from escalating.

I've changed my mind about taking Credit - what can I do?

Our standard Terms and Conditions apply in respect of all purchases, and can be found at the bottom of our website. Once you have agreed to purchase the items and paid the required deposit, the sale is considered complete. We are then lending you the remaining balance of your purchase as Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd and you agree to repay us that loan over the agreed period. If you no longer wish to maintain a credit arrangement with us then it can be ended at any time by payment of the outstanding balance. This can be done by bank transfer or via debit/credit card payment. If you wish to do this, please email home@ilovepebble.com

What happens at the end of the agreement term?

We’ll notify you once your last payment has been received and confirm to you that the goods are now yours and we relinquish all claim of ownership.

We will also then destroy all of the details you have provided us, including your application, copies of ID and any bank/payment details as we will no longer have any need or right to hold them.

Is there anything else I should know?

We won’t place any orders for goods with our suppliers until the agreement is in place and the initial payment of 25% has been paid and received.

Our standard Terms and Conditions apply to all sales, regardless of payment arrangements.

Only one loan agreement can run at any one time. If you wish to make another purchase where financing is required, please contact us to discuss.

Finance is offered by Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd at our discretion.

Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd is registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission and the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner.

If there is anything else you’d like to know, please ask us by emailing home@ilovepebble.com