Our Gift Vouchers - Terms


Our Gift Vouchers can be purchased here - Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be issued in the following circumstances:

  • Most commonly, when purchased as a gift for someone either in-store or online,
  • Issued by Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd in exchange for purchased goods which are subsequently returned to us - please see our Returns and Refunds policy for full details,
  • In any other circumstance at the discretion of Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd.

In all circumstances, our Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

If a gift voucher is bought in-store, the person purchasing the voucher will be told this at the time of purchase. If bought online, this is also made clear at the time of purchase. Our system will simply not allow a voucher be used beyond the 12-month time period.

In addition, every physical gift voucher (card) purchased in-store is accompanied by a paper receipt which also contains a back-up version of the gift voucher (as a QR code at the bottom of the receipt). This is important in the event that the gift voucher is lost. These are the only 2 copies of the voucher. No back-up voucher is held by Pebble Home & Lifestyle Ltd.

If a Gift Voucher becomes lost, Pebble Home & Lifestyle can bear no responsibility. As we don't allocate Gift Vouchers to the names and addresses of recipients if the voucher is lost or thrown away it is impossible with certainty to link a voucher to a particular individual. As a result we will not reissue gift vouchers where they are lost unless exceptional circumstances exist.

Once a gift voucher is fully redeemed it becomes void and holds no commercial value.