Your Fragrance Horoscope

What does your favourite home fragrance say about you?

31 October 2023

Astrology tells us that your innate characteristics, personality traits and romantic prospects can be determined by the position of the constellations and celestial bodies at the time of your birth. However, here at Pebble Home & Lifestyle, we think that there’s something that says even more about you than your star sign, and that’s your favourite home fragrance.

So, what does your favourite candle or diffuser scent say about you? Read on for the most sweet-smelling horoscope you’ve ever had...


If you look to your home fragrances to give you the sensation you’ve just gone out for a ramble and gathered up a posey of freshly cut flowers (because that’s what you’d love to do if you had the time, energy or access to a flower bed) then that says everything we need to know about you. Hey, even if you fancy yourself a domestic goddess with a penchant for floristry, lighting a candle or getting a reed diffuser is just so much easier, right?

In the Plum & Ashby range, you probably would go for something like Cornflower and Meadow Rose or in the Skandinavisk range we bet you’re all about the Regn or Lempi scents. Delicate, light and classic, these floral fragrances tend to appeal to neat freaks with a heart of gold. 

Have you often been told you’re wise beyond your years? Are you the person all your mates come to for advice? The only one who thinks to bring kitchen roll and bin bags to the beach BBQ? Yeah, we thought so. You thrive in Spring and your endearing combination of exacting standards and boundless generosity makes you a lovely person to be around (especially when your house smells this good!)

Florals... With a twist

If you’re favourite scents are Plum & Ashby’s Vetiver and Lavender or maybe Meraki’s Sandalwood and Jasmine, then you are home fragrance equivalent of the Gemini sign. Combining light, fresh florals with a muskier base note, these fragrances are complex on the nose – just like you... er, does that even make any sense?!

You’re mysterious. Multi-faceted. You love a wholesome afternoon of wild swimming followed by a cream tea and yet, under the right conditions, you can also be found in the mosh pit at 3am. Soft but fierce, cute but cool, your personality is the ultimate example of how opposites attract. 

On first impression, you project a very different persona than who you are deep down, but both sides of you are equally intriguing and delightful. Your loved ones never know your next move and you pick up and drop hobbies like nobody’s business. So aloof. So enigmatic. So edgy. 


Bright, feminine and sumptuously sweet, we’re talking Plum & Ashby’s Geranium and Orange, Mandarin and Ginger, Neroli and Bergamot or Wild Fig and Saffron, or Skandinavisk’s Fjord and Oy scents.

If you can’t get enough of these fruity aromas, there’s nothing you love more than hazy, lazy days of summer spent drinking fizzy, elderflower Prosecco cocktails in the garden is there? If these are your favourite scents, we reckon you’re very house proud and love entertaining.

For some reason, we picture that you either have, or aspire to have an airing cupboard filled with various linens in different neutrals and you haven’t ruled out the possibility that one day you will make your own jam from scratch. But mostly you’re too busy being your popular, joyous self. Keep it zesty! 


If you often find yourself choosing scents that have something a bit herby, botanical and savoury about them, then you definitely buy the herb plants from the supermarket rather than the packets because it makes you feel fancy like Nigella. 

Whilst you all definitely daydream about having an allotment, your herbaceous fragrance horoscope depends on the kind of thing you go for. If you’re all about something invigorating and revitalising like Plum & Ashby’s Galbanum and Peppermint then we’ve got two words for you: MORNING PERSON! Cold shower, brisk walks, hot water and lemon – you love a routine and you’ve got so much get up and go you’re singing before the birds wake up! Organised beyond belief and a little eccentric, you’ve got a touch of adrenaline junkie about you.

But if you like your botanicals a little softer, a little warmer, say like Meraki’s Scandinavian Garden, Skandinavisk’s Ro or Oakmoss and Thyme and Cypress and Eucalyptus from Plum & Ashby, then we’d say you are worlds apart from your peppy Galbanum and Peppermint counterparts. In fact, you are so laid-back you are practically horizontal! Water off a duck’s back comes to mind when it comes to you. Your favourite getaway would be to a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. You often fantasise about going ‘off the grid’, but you do still struggle to delete your social media apps (phew, you’re only human!) Going with the flow is your whole thing, easy breezy, calm vibes only.

Woodland / Coastal

Where are our Seaweed and Samphire lovers at? Or in the Skandinavisk range, you’re probably a Skog, Hav or Fjäll addict. Sound like you? With scents inspired by nature whether that’s boreal pine forests, mountain ranges or the open ocean, you are our outdoorsy, adventurous types! 

You are your happiest when you’re out and about in nature. We bet you’re running out of storage on your phone because you’ve got so many pictures of stunning vistas, sunsets or rolling countryside. Now, people think because you’re a bit starry-eyed that you’ve got your head in the clouds, but you’re actually very grounded. You know who you are and that is a green-fingered environmentalist who loves to hunt for mushrooms or go paddle boarding to contemplate the complexities of life in your free time!! And don’t let anyone take that away from you!!!

Trying new things is your whole vibe, except when it comes to your home fragrance which is one of the few areas in your life where you don’t change it up – but hey, if something’s not broken, why fix it?


You musky scent lovers are the most indulgent of the lot. You are chic, you’re sophisticated, and you always order a cheese board for dessert. Now, normally the ‘I don’t really have a sweet tooth’ people are irritating beyond belief, but you do it in such an effortlessly charming way we can’t even get annoyed at you for not guzzling on a great big slice of chocolate lava cake like the rest of us. 

A total home body at heart, if these are your favourite scents then you love getting cosy and home is most definitely your happy place. You may be a little introverted out of your comfort zone, but it’s clear from your scent preferences that you can be a little spicy when you want to be! 

Whilst everyone else is living it up in the warmer months, you are just jonesing for a pumpkin spice latte all year round, aren’t you? And there’s nothing wrong with that! Chunky knits and earthy tones are your kind of vibe, and these scents totally embody that. Pour yourselves a glass of red wine and stick Gilmore Girls on. Pure bliss.

Your go-to fragrances are Skandinavisk’s Hygge and Koto or you may be a sucker for Plum & Ashby’s Sandalwood and Labdanum or Tonka and Patchouli. These scents are full-bodied, deep and rich.

Note: Any personal offence caused by the accuracy of this fragrance horoscope should not be aimed at Pebble Home & Lifestyle, but rather is the responsibility of the perfumed powers that be. Take it up with the universe, folks.