The 'Flat Pack' from Pebble

Taking the hard work out of making your new home beautiful...

The ‘Flat Pack’ by Pebble is designed for new home-owners wanting an easy, stress-free solution to furnishing their new property.

Offering different styles and price ranges the scheme is inclusive of all budgets and home aesthetics.-Save 15% when opting for the package (in relation to?)-Spend over £500/ £1,000 (?) in accessories and we will come to your home to dress for you at no charge! Accessories include; soft furnishings, decorative ornaments, etc.-Payments can be made in 3 installments (is finance an option?)

All you have to do is choose a look you like and then... if you want to discuss the look, send us an email and we'll find a good time to work through things with you.



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