The ultimate Pebble gift guide

Thoughtful Christmas presents for every price range

29 November 2023

Does this time of year have you pulling your hair out at everything you’ve got to think about, organise and (worst of all) wrap? Every year, around this time, we delude ourselves into thinking that we’re capable of delivering a Christmas that would get Nigella Lawson’s seal of approval. And every year, when we inevitably fall short of these sky-high standards, we always feel a bit disappointed by our efforts.

Now, here at Pebble, (unfortunately) we can’t get the stain out of your fave party dress or come up with a veggie option to give your brother-in-law, but we can make your Christmas shopping just that little bit easier.

If you’re looking for thoughtful presents at every price range, read on for Pebble's ultimate Christmas gift guide...

£25 and under

Suitable for: Stocking fillers, Secret Santa, Teachers’ presents, not showing up to festive dinner parties empty handed or a little something to treat yourself for surviving Xmas shopping so far!

  1. Seaweed and Samphire Bath Essence, £19: Give the gift of relaxation with this moisturising bath essence in one of our most popular scents.
  2. Plain Paper Notebook in Espresso, £15: Every stationery nerd's dream, this notebook is made from recycled coffee cup paper and repurposed coffee waste.
  3. Walnut Oil, £13: Buying for a foodie? Look no further than this walnut oil perfect for salads, cheese and even desserts.
  4. Farne Long Socks, £12: You simply can't go wrong with socks, especially ones as soft and breathable as these!
  5. Candle holder, £16.50: Who among us would not be delighted with an elegant tea light holder in a clear snow colour?
  6. Skog Candle Refill, £24: If you're buying for someone who loves the Skandinavisk range, why not refill their favourite scented candle?
  7. Letino Brown Belt, £15: The kind of thing you always need but never think to buy yourself (aka the perfect Christmas present!)
  8. Sugar Oil Body Scrub, £23: Natural, organic and indulgent - what's not to love?!
  9. Starry white mug, £9.50: A handmade stoneware mug that simply says Christmas.

£25 - £50

Suitable for: Birthdays around the holidays, gifts for friends or family, adding to someone’s gift when you found out what they got you is way nicer than what you had originally got them (we’ve all been there!)

  1. Pose Necklace Silver, £32: An everyday necklace, featuring an interlocking, multi-textured pendant. Matching bracelet also available.
  2. Litz Velvet Body Suit, £45: The ultimate addition to the 'jeans and a nice top' look for the festive season.
  3. Ro Candle, £34: A scent which exudes peace, calm and tranquility - just what we need around the holidays!
  4. Unona Mittens, £34.95: Who knew mittens could be so chic? Available in cream or black.
  5. Fauna Eau de Toilette, £35 - £49: The perfect day-to-night fragrance which suits everyone. Available in 50ml and 100ml.
  6. The art of organizing, cleaning and styling book, £35: The perfect coffee table book about the philosophy of making cleaning more beautiful.
  7. Nagamasa Shoulder Bag, £49.95: Effortlessly stylish, practical and vegan-friendly!
  8. Balance candle holder, £39: For the modern minimalist in your life, this statement black brass candle holder is the perfect gift.
  9. Apollo Jewellery Box, £28: Who doesn't want a cute and portable jewellery box in a celestial design?! We can't think of anyone!


Husbands, boyfriends, partners and spouses in long-term committed relationships with people who love to shop at Pebble

Below are the price brackets which apply to you! Just trust us on this one, okay? ⬇️

£50 - £100

Suitable for: Main presents, gifts for parents, siblings, partners or close friends

  1. Forma Teapot, £75: Inspired by Japanese minimalism, this teapot is the perfect gift for anyone who's obsessed with good design.
  2. Arch Cushion, £66: 100% Cotton, 100% gorgeous.
  3. Estel Silk Skirt, £100: Sleek, sexy and pearlescent. Guaranteed to make your favourite fashionista very happy this Christmas.
  4. Ima Sweatshirt, £59.95: Casual dressing has never looked this good.
  5. White Plant Pots, £59 - £69: Available in two sizes, this gift is great for your plant-obsessed loved one.
  6. Joy Bangle Silver, £52: The clue is in the name, give the gift of Joy this Christmas (as long as it's jewellery!)
  7. Adorn Necklace Silver, £69: If you're buying for someone who likes beautiful things with a bit of an edge, this necklace is for them! Matching bracelet also available.
  8. Biana Vase, £55: Minimal whilst also being a statement piece, the Biana Vase has it all.
  9. Sunset Vibes Framed Print, £95: You can't get more thoughtful than artwork and we're obsessed with the easy style of this framed art print by LouLou Avenue.

Over £100

Suitable for: The very lucky people you love A LOT. If you’re wanting to really spoil someone rotten this Christmas, get them any of these...

  1. Lilla Taupe Bedspread, £195: Is there anything better than being gifted luxurious bedding? Below diamonds, this is the next best thing.
  2. Jaxy Turtleneck, £159.95: Available in two colours, this knit will see your beloved through many winters. Where there's a wool jumper, there's a happy dance on Christmas.
  3. Arched Wall Mirror, £175: What do you get someone who has everything? A stunning arched wall mirror, obviously!
  4. Leata Maxi Leather Handbag, £395: If your wife says she doesn't want anything for Christmas, she's lying. She wants this. We all want this.
  5. Poher Vase, £140: If you're into big gestures, how about this BIG vase?
  6. Dakota Top, £130: Slinky, silky and oh so stunning. Need we say more?
  7. Globa Leather Skirt, £260: Forget snow, we're dreaming of leather this Christmas!
  8. Saga Zip Boots, £149.95: A feminine ankle bootie made in smooth suede with elegant zip details. Swoon!
  9. Architecture Throw, £105: Add a touch of contemporary Danish design to the Christmas list this year.

We know how stressful Christmas shopping can be, so we hope these ideas have given you a bit of inspiration - or helped you know what hints to drop! - this festive season.

Remember, if you're wanting to steer your loved ones in the right direction when it comes to shopping for you, just click the 'My Wishlist' tab over on the right-hand side of your screen, add your dream gifts and then you can share that directly with your friends and family! Easy!

If you're still stuck for ideas, please do pop in-store where one of our helpful team will be able to help you with more gift ideas. Otherwise, if you want to give the gift of a Pebble shopping spree, our Gift Vouchers can be purchased at any amount in-store or online.

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